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Carpana S.r.l.

Products: Fibreglass pultrusion moulds

Alongside our production of equipment for sheet working, our company also produces moulds for fibreglass pultrusion.
Below are some examples of moulds for pultrused profile production.
Over the years we have manufactured a considerable number of pieces of pultrusion machine equipment, building up noteworthy experience so as to be able to use our machinery and workforce with the best results possible.
The materials used for these types of mould are fundamentally four:

  1. tempered steel 2311 (40 CrMnMo 7)
  2. tempered steel 2312 (40 CrMnMo S 8 6)
  3. tempered steel SB40 (42 CrMo 4)
  4. annealed 2379 steel (K110)

The first three steels lend themselves to final chrome-plating and polishing after milling and grinding. With K110, however, a total vacuum hardening treatment is performed. Below are some of the moulds we have produced.

Figure 1: Mould in profile 150x140

Figure 2: Mould in profile 463x170

Figure 3: Mould in profile Corda 530x120

Figure 4: Mould in profile 350x130