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Carpana S.r.l.

Products: Press moulds

Does your folding press need a special tool?
Carpana makes made-to-measure tools for its clients, and believes in constant collaboration with the product users in order to improve design and production.
Our tools, according to the terms of use and the material used, have differently treated surfaces ranging from zinc coating to burnishing, from induction hardening to total vacuum hardening, including nitriding and Qpq Tennifer treatment.
Blades, dies, special moulds for folding presses, adaptors for upper and lower tools: you ask, we build.

Figure 1: From the simplest shapes to the most complex ones, our gooseneck and blades can meet all of your bending needs.

Figure 2 and 3: Vast choice of standard, special and multislot dies with core-hardened K100 inserts for Hardox material type. Length, slot and height are fully customized.

Figure 4: Panel bender blades in 42CrMo4 with QPQ Tennifer treatment.

Figure 5: Two types of special moulds made by our company: on the left, a "L- bending tool" mould and on the right an "overlap mould".

Figure 6: Rayed elements in nitrided 39NiCrMo3 and induction hardened 42CrMo4, and element-carrying blades in 42CrMo4.

Figure 7: Special rayed blades.

Figure 8: Special dies in nitrided 42CrMo4.