Clamping systems

Modular hydraulic and pneumatic clamping systems for punches and dies are increasingly installed on press brakes, as they reduce machine set-up time and make tool change faster.

The modular system has been designed and manufactured in order to be suitable for any press brake.

This system has been designed to reach high clamping force over wider surfaces, in order to reduce working pressure and guarantee longer operational life of the system itself.

Figure 1: Hydraulic clamping system with intermediate H=250+30mm L=150mm which enable vertical tool change, automatic tool lifting and seating and anti-fall system. We can produce different intermediates with crowning wedges, different height and tangs to suit any press brake.

The modules have clamps able to clamp and align perfectly punches, including segmented ones.

The double-clamp system allows front and rear symmetrical tool mounting.

Thanks to the double anti-fall nose in the module, the clamping system is safe and complies with the safety rules in force, as it prevents tools from falling down during tool change.

The specific shape of the anti-fall nose prevents tools from falling even in case of pressure drop

Figure 2: Pneumatic clamping system with intermediate H=100+30mm L=150mm with crowning wedge, vertical tool change without any need to make safety grooves in the tool, automatic tool lifting and seating. Punch remains lifted even without any air supply. You can get intermediates with different height and tang to suit any press brake.

The modules can be equipped with a crowning wedge in order to adjust the intermediate height and get perfect tool alignment.

The meticulous manufacture of each product allows excellent levels of precision to be reached at the same time as guaranteeing correct functioning without needing a call for maintenance work for long periods of time.

Besides producing hydraulic and pneumatic intermediates, we can also produce clamps to be applied directly to the press brake upper beam with threaded holes and screws, the layout of which will be discussed and agreed with the customer

Figure 3: Hydraulic clamp for Beyeler -RFA type tools applied to a frame that will be connected to the press brake upper beam. The tool cannot fall when the clamp is open, thanks to the anti-fall nose mounted on the frame. Vertical and horizontal tool change are possible, tool is lifted and seated automatically. Clamps may be produced in different lengths and applied directly to the press brake upper beam without the frame.

Figure 4: Hydraulic clamp for tooling with traditional tang. Horizontal tool change, manual tool lifting and seating. To ease tool change, some bearings have been mounted both in the clamps and in the press brake upper beam. Thanks to the clamp design, punch doesn’t fall down when clamp is open. We can manufacture clamps in different length.

Figure 5: Hydraulic clamping system for Beyeler style dies. The holder where clamps are mounted is installed on press brake table. We can manufacture clamps in different length.


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