The modular locking systems (hydraulic and pneumatic) for punches and dies are increasingly installed on folding presses, as they diminish the machine set-up time, making tool substitution faster.

The modular system has been designed and produced to be adaptable to all types of folding press.

The system is designed so as to achieve elevated locking strengths that, acting over large surfaces, allow use pressure to be contained and thereby guarantee a longer life for the system itself.

Figure 1: Hydraulic support H=250+30 L=150 mm frontal tool insert and disengagement, automatic push-button and anti-fall key. We can also produce supports with wedge adjustor, as well as different body and socket heights for the various types of folding press.

The modules clamps are made to allow the rapid and precise locking of the tool against the body of the module, which allows perfect alignment even in the case of fractional tool use.

The double-clamp system allows front and rear symmetrical tool mounting.

The double safety cap supplied with the module body makes the equipment safe and is in line with the safety norms in force, which resolves the problem of tools falling during installation and substitution efficiently.

The special shape of the cap prevents tool from falling, even if system pressure should for any reason be absent.

Figure 2: Pneumatic support H=100+30 L=150 mm with wedge adjustor, frontal tool insert and extraction with no need of safety grooves on the tool, which will stay lifted even without pressure, and automatic strike call push-button. Various heights available for the support body, and different sockets for the various types of folding press.

The modules can be fitted with a manually-operated wedge device allowing the module height to be adjusted, which allows a perfect tool alignment.

The meticulous manufacture of each product allows excellent levels of precision to be reached at the same time as guaranteeing correct functioning without needing a call for maintenance work for long periods of time.

Besides producing hydraulic and pneumatic supports, we can also produce clamps to be directly applied to the machine struts through nipples, the layout of which will be discussed and agreed with the client.

Figure 3: Hydraulic clamp for Beyeler -RFA type tools applied to a frame that will be connected to the folding press strut. The tool cannot fall when the clamp is open, thanks to the cap mounted on the frame. Front and side tool introduction is possible through a specific automatic push-button. Clamps may be produced in different lengths and applied directly to the machine strut without the frame.

Figure 4: Hydraulic clamp for tools with traditional attachment. Side introduction and extraction, push-button absent. To facilitate blade movement, bearings have been added to both the clamp and the folding press strut. Due to the form of the clamp, the tool will not fall when the mechanism is opened. We can produce clamps of various lengths.

Figure 5: Hydraulic lock for Beyeler-type dies. The frame to which the clamps are bound is to be mounted on the folding press table. Clamps of various lengths can be produced.


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